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Going back and forth between Chief Decision Maker, onsite tech support, and customer relationship manager is a struggle every solo business owner can relate to. 

The easy answer is to outsource. The problem: you’re not quite at that level yet. 

This doesn’t make the work you do any less valuable. It simply means you have to be a little more resourceful if you want this whole self-employment thing to work out for you.

About SelfᐤFunded - The Online Network for Your One-Person Business

SelfᐤFunded was created to answer your questions and offer guided support so you never feel alone.

I’ve Made The Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

Confidence is being able to acknowledge you aren’t the smartest person in the room. Yet, you still bring your talent to the table and combine it with the expertise of others in order to move your business forward. 

Get proven, hands-on experience that saves you time and shortens your learning curve.

Utilizing a multitude of diverse skills gained in fields ranging from corporate senior management to retail, to digital marketing and customer service, you’ll be led to consistently out-perform in all aspects of your business.

SelfᐤFunded Member Benefits

I did you a favor and stripped away the long list of bonuses you’ll never use. You get customized attention instead - for just $10/month:

  • one live group strategy session every month (no pre-recorded webinars)

  • answers to your questions - individualized support isn’t an upgrade 

  • in-depth member conversations around relationship building, digital marketing, and customer acquisition

  • articles written exclusively for and available to members only

SelfᐤFunded is the ideal fit if you:

  • have no strategy on how to start executing your ideas

  • want to be held accountable for your own success 

  • realize a large social media following doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money

  • are ready to invest in yourself, but can’t spend $200+/hr. to hire a business coach

  • work a 9-5 job and have been looking for a community that relates to your unique challenges of growing a business on the side

  • want a space to learn and contribute, without being bombarded by other members’ aggressive self-promotion

  • have Googled until your fingers are numb, but still haven’t made much progress

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actionable insight to level-up your one-person business


Donna L. Johnson

Actionable Insight to Level-Up Your One-Person Business